I'm Alex Lee



Hi. I'm Alex, an Application Developer based in San Diego. I deliver optimized solutions to complex problems.

I aim to create purposeful and functional applications that go beyond the expectations of the user.

Currently, I'm helping to develop the future of the online banking industry with U.S. Bank.

In my personal life, I love surfing and camping, and spending time with my dog Copper.



When you need you need a computer to just pick it, reach for Pickitt!

Payroll Form

A comprehensive dashboard to view payroll information. Used by companies to manage previous, current, and future reports. Ability to export data in a variety of formats.

Contractor Tool

A tool used to contract employees. Ability to export important information in a specific format. A part of the Staffing Dashboard.


Tasty CLI on the outside, simple integration with GitHub's API on the inside.


A game about space and junk.

SuperCamp Facilitator Page

A staff showcase for SuperCamp. Used to show clients the staff of SuperCamp, and their credentials. Successful marketing campaign.