Contractor Tool

A tool used to contract employees. Ability to export important information in a specific format. A part of the Staffing Dashboard.
Contractor Tool Screenshot

One of the tasks done by my colleagues and myself at a past company was the contracting of new employees. I saw a lot of opportunity for automation in this - calculating hours, calculating payments, calculating start and end dates - contracting isn't difficult on its own, but can be optimized in many areas.

I set out to create a Contractor Tool to help with this.

It would live within the already built out, Staffing Dashboard I had previously created.

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The Contractor Tool features a fairly simple control panel on the left side of the screen. When the user fills in information and clicks the 'Contract' button, the Employment Agreement on the right side of the screen would be populated with the correct information.

Learning Experiences

There are certainly many intricacies when working with pay scales across multiple states. Even though this is a calculator with a lot of functions, making sure that the calculations were accurate was crucial.

What worked well?

The overall experience for the user is very simple, especially in comparison to what took place to do this manually. None of the information was in one singular location, so a lot of documents had to be referenced and calculations done by hand. The simplicity of clicking a button and having all that information calculated was very satisfying.

What didn't work well?

The actual functionality of the calculations was a bit verbose and chunky looking back.


What would I do differently?

Refactoring this tool as a whole to comprise many more pure functions would be a must. Simplifying how the calculations are performed would not only increase performance but would make it a cleaner code read.

Additionally, I would add more dynamic calculations - the ability to simply update values year by year as opposed to changing hard-coded values would be significantly beneficial.

I'd also take a stab at redesigning the form to look better overall.

A Cool Tool

This tool was such a timesaver, that the time it took to develop it initially didn't matter in the end. I love helpful tools like this, and I seek to design more of them in all areas of my work.