SuperCamp Facilitator Page

A staff showcase for SuperCamp. Used to show clients the staff of SuperCamp, and their credentials. Successful marketing campaign.
SC Staff Page

I was tasked with creating a page on an existing website to display the credentials of a company's staff members to the public.

In order to develop a creative and attention grabbing user interaction, I knew I would be making something that needed to be informative as well as intuitive.

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I came up with an idea for "portholes" that when clicked, would display information to the user. When hovered, these portholes show the names of the staff members. When clicked, a modal is opened displaying a biography as well as a photo and some other information as tags.

Learning Experiences

I learned a lot from this project. Specifically I learned some of the intricacies of working with a custom content delivery server + WordPress + Bootstrap + custom hardcoded HTML + custom Wordpress plugins all tied together.

What worked well?

The porthole experience was liked by the client and I enjoyed creating the functionalities of them.

What didn't work well?

This was a very customized and hardcoded piece of HTML with Bootstrap inside of a very customized WordPress website. A lot of things did not play out well together out of the box, and custom fixes + custom plugins had to be used in order to get everything to work correctly. If multiple pages would have been designed this way, the upkeep would quickly become too much.

Do Overs

What would I do differently?

If I had the opportunity, I would rethink using such a customized individual piece of HTML, and instead, use the Wordpress editor for the most part - or break outside of Wordpress and have this page exist on its own.

I would move away from Bootstrap in favor of either a different library, or a simplistic customized set of styles.

I would make the ability to add more staff members to the page much easier, as there is still a fair amount of hard-coded HTML required in order to get another staff member integrated.

A Super Conclusion

Creating a custom page inside of a customized website can have it's difficulties, but this was a very good project to learn from. I'm proud of the choices I made, and I was grateful for such input and decision making in the overall design process.