When you need you need a computer to just pick it, reach for Pickitt!

In all of my projects, I inevitably end up making a util folder containing several helper functions that aid in the main functionality of the application.

I noticed that I would frequently be writing the same functions from project to project. One solution to this problem would be to simply import Lodash, but I wanted to tackle the issue differently.

I set out to create a JavaScript utility library. I called it Pickitt!

Initially, it only contained one function that would pick a random element from an array (hence the name Pickitt

Learning Experiences

I learned about the benefits of writing clean and small code. I learned more about TypeScript, as the initial version was written in typescript. Named and default imports reared its head a few times.

What worked well?

The redesign of the documentation website went great! I rewrote the site from a generated site using Docz, to a static website using Gatsby. I was able to get a 100 score on Google's Measure, an application to audit your website for Performance, A11Y, Best Practices, and SSO. 

What didn't work well?

My initial choice to write the package in TypeScript did not go so well. I did not understand the full benefits of a TypeScript package, so I didn't utilize TS's abilities. Rewriting the package to be a regular JavaScript utility library went better.


What would I do differently?

I rewrote the documentation to be better and resemble Lodash's documentation more. I also changed the library from TypeScript to JavaScript, enabling a better development experience personally.

A Useful Utility

I plan to incorporate this utility library into my future projects, and with the redesign, adding methods and updating the documentation is a breeze!